Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Hit by lightening

Just a quick message to friends and family as I sit in the bar at Varen. In the storm a couple of nights ago our houses were hit by lightening. A scary experience, without going into detail we lost power everywhere after explosions. Electricity sockets were blown off walls and in the dependance between the two houses a big explosion probably the site of real trouble ( electricity conducted down by the big sapin) the freezer was blown to bits, the explosion caused a big hole in the wall 
The house furtherest away the gite was least affected and now has electricity.
We are trying to find an electrician for our house ( holiday time)
Many appliances we are finding no longer work and blow up as we try them. It could be some time till we have phone and internet connection.
We are both fine and Malc is coping well.
Thank you to Gareth and Sarah for providing us with a generator until EDF came.