Sunday, 19 February 2017

The new publishers

A journalist remarked on TV this morning that America has 27 million bloggers; not just news reporters like Taglines, but also those trying to express their ideas or bring their poetry or fiction to a wider audience. There are many who publish their novels entirely in electronic form and who use the on-line self publishing software to get hard copies printed for sale.
A few lucky authors with a wide following attract commercial publishers who will print and distribute their works, even occasionally a best seller.
Albi author Florence Clerfeuille

Albi novelist Florence Clerfeuille has been offering her novels on the internet for the past five years and her tales of a cat have around 10000 followers, but she has never sought a commercial publisher - but now Terra Nova have approached her and are publishing her book "Le Chat au jeu de quilles" - the cat who played skittles. Now Florence has seen her book on sale in bookshops throughout France, believing that those who want a "real" book are a different market to the Kindle readers. The book is a trilogy that has been published as a collection. Let's hope she has a great success.
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