Sunday, 30 August 2015

Two stories here, two points to be made

Just noticed how many news stories start in French with Alors, anyway:

Alors after the death of a four year old child at Damazan at the lac du Moulineau, there is a call by a minister to close the site for bathers. It was watched over by a 60 year old well trained life guard. The life guard has been taken to court but is supported by the MNS which is the " maîtres nageurs sauveteurs" the master of lifesaving association.  They say the water was too cloudy and there was too large an expanse for the man to survey. It was not a matter of age as has been suggested.
Now what this made me think if life guards at somewhere like this and I am thinking of Laguepie are taken to court for supposed dereliction of duty, how long will communes continue to allow river bathing.
In life there are risks, to my mind a four year old child should have been watched constantly by parents. I did notice a small child at Laguepie happily climbing down the steps with arm bands and off they went! where were the parents I thought and I noticed the life guard had stood up before parents ran on to the scene and joined the child.
Apart from young children, there are some risks in river bathing, but come on, there are risks in life. Sometimes worth taking.
I would hate to see river bathing curtailed because of fears by councils of court acts of negligence against them or the life guards.
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