Saturday, 21 March 2020

Two messages from Hans

Hi Val, I hope you are feeling better again.

I have two messages :


Help on computers still available.


If anyone within reasonable distance of St Antonin needs assistance on computers or wifi/internet you may contact me. I keep my shop closed in St Antonin, but I can visit people. 0643734697 Hans, VIDEPC





Solidarity in St Antonin


I recently became élu in St Antonin Noble Val. The team of the elected group have now announced the following for the inhabitants of St Antonin:

The "Solidarity" operation of the 19 new elected officials works and continues. Spread the word around you.
We have set up an organization for the elderly but also for single people who need to go shopping, who cannot move or just need a call to get news.
For your food and medication shopping, place your order:
Carrefour Contact: Aziz or Aurore at
Occitan Workshops: Patricia on 09 53 05 34 34
Mme Grare, Pharmacy: 05 63 30 60 94
We deliver to your home, weekends included.
If you need a "special travel certificate", send us a message with your name, address and date of birth and we will bring them to your home.
If you know people who have a need, thank you for notifying a member of the team or for putting a message on our facebook page. Do not hesitate to contact us. Take care of yourself.


Hans Buijserd