Thursday, 26 March 2020

Isolate for heavens sake

This virus you know is not a game. 
We are not trying to beat Macron or the gendarmes, we are trying to defeat the virus.
After three messages from friends asking if I would make clear it is no joke this virus I feel it needs saying.
All these restrictions are not just to protect us but to protect other families working on the front line in the health service.
Because of Taglines which has been going for over 17 years I have built up a network of good friends.
Their stories  from them to me about others trying to beat the system and laugh about it are unbelievable.
Please, please even if you think you are not vunerable others are.
You have heard the messages, isolate to live, isolate to save others, just listen for heavens sake, you are not clever.
ISOLATE your selves.