Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Language tuition

The Maison de la Halle, an association in Verfeil, is looking for
someone English speaking to give beginner English classes and
conversation classes for higher level. Starting with two groups.

This for the moment, would not be paid much but could have expenses paid
and maybe a little more and could also be in exchange for french classes
they also plan to do. All this can be discussed.

The woman in charge of organising the different workshops they hope to
start up is Fati Fall, tel: 06 59 94 82 93 or fatifall@hotmail.com. If
you are interested please contact her direct.

She speaks English so anyone  can phone or write in English.

My feeling would be that it could be appealing to people who would like
to improve their french/ who would like to have new french contacts/who
live not too far from Verfeil/ who would like the challenge/who have
time/ and some teaching experience or at least willing to learn quick!