Friday, 16 July 2021

Grand bal a Laguepie

Le 25 Juillet, c’est la vide grenier de Varen.

Prévoyez un petit détour pour découvrir  Seccotine, à côté de la Pharmacie, anciennement boulangerie. Vous découvrirez une très jolie boutique de déco et cadeaux, de l’épicerie fine et un agréable salon de thé, où je vous attends pour une première signature de mon livre « ma vie rurale » en attendant une rencontre au tracteur savant à la rentrée.

Vous pouvez venir avec votre livre, si vous l’avez déjà.

Une lecture aura lieu également à Espinas l’après-midi du 25 , et une signature également le Samedi 24 au Cultura de Montauban.

Bon week-end en attendant.


Saturday, 3 July 2021

A hero of mine Chris Patten

Chris Patten for as many years as I can remember has had a home at Laguepie. One of his daughters got married in the Church of Varen and many Tory MPs stayed in a B&B in Varen. It was a lovely although very hot day, many of us went to the service and a friend drove his old car with the bride then happy couple in.
These were all the sort of Tories one respected, ones with principles who cared  about the country,the people and our reputation in the world.
Read and digest 

Chris Patten has called on the UK government to “tell the truth” and implement the “legally binding” Northern Ireland protocol, saying “the problem at heart is not the sausages you get from Sainsbury’s but the porkies that we all get, home and abroad, from Downing Street.” He also said it seemed certain that the “lack of trust in the British government on both sides of the community in Northern Ireland” would “do nothing to halt the momentum” towards a vote “sooner perhaps rather than later, for a decision to get rid of the border once and for all and reunite Ireland.”

Friday, 28 May 2021

Mains Tendues in Varen, presenting a cheque to the school

1,000 euros cheque presented to the parents association at Varen school by tye new President of Mains Tendues,Jo Schofield